June 02, 2006
It Has Begun
Husband left this morning to drive to his new job in another state.
I guess this means we really ARE moving. I don't know why it feels so unbelievable this time.
And somehow it feels like I have far more to take care of in the coming weeks, but husband reminded me that he's never done anything other than pack his clothes and toiletries. So, I guess there's not more to do than I've done in the past, but there's a helluva lot for me to do!
Today, I have phone calls to make, but I'm also taking the kids to a children's museum and spending some time with a friend. And making sure my cousin's daughter is picked up (her dad is supposed to pick her up, but he often just doesn't show up) from her daycamp. So, I'll be away from home all day. And then tomorrow, I need to get a lot of work done.
And I'm thinking of taking the girls to Universal or Islands of Adventure on Sunday. We have a free ticket and I'd hate it to go to waste - and a friend said he'd give me tickets for the kids. :)
The countdown has begun. We might even have a new address after tomorrow - husband has appointments with realtors tomorrow afternoon! Woweee!!
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