October 24, 2005
Goodbye, Wilma; Hello, sweaters!
Very strangely, our temperatures have dropped - oh, about 25 degrees in less than 24 hours. Yesterday, we were sweating our pants off and today, we are bundling in jeans and sweaters. Not at all bad, mind you, just sudden.
We had constant pounding rain all through the night and I didn't sleep well (since we were still under tornado watch, I didn't take my med that helps me sleep - I wanted to actually wake up in the event of an emergency). This morning, I was convinced it must be later than it was and got up incredibly early, meaning it's just about time now for a nap. :) Other than the nonstop rain and gusty winds and the two inches of water on our back patio, I'd say we lucked out with the whole hurricane situation. We didn't expect to really get much as far as hurricane winds go, but we were in the "tropical storm" path and it turns out that's not as bad as you'd think. Sure, there are roads flooded out around here and thousands of people without power, but it's hard to claim you survived a hurricane when you have a few small branches down in your backyard and the petals have flown off your flowers in the front.
One major blessing is the cold front has shoved that hurricane through the state in about 6 hours and we are now experiencing dry weather (at least in the air) and the sun seems to be trying to poke through the clouds. Give it another hour and I think we'll be in full sunshine. A brisk, rather blustery fall day - only without the incredible leaf colors those of you further north enjoy year after year.
I pray that the areas in south Florida fared better than expected. I did see on some channel (TWC? Local news? CNN? they all just blur together after hurricane season) that there was one area that had remote flooding near the rooftops of cars, though that was pretty minor compared to what our neighbors on the northern Gulf Coast experienced this year. Still, I hope those in the south of my state are safe and back on their feet quickly, with minimal damage. After battling so many hurricanes last year and then dealing with a damaging cat 1 this August, everyone's ready for a good long break - understandably so.
I'm headed to the grocery - last night as I was gathering the ingredients for zucchini bread, I found I am utterly out of flour. I have no idea how that happened - you'd think I'd have checked sooner since I did go to lengths to buy every other ingredient necessary earlier in the week.
Have a pleasant afternoon. I'll be here enjoying the crisp (read: freezing cold) weather and the sweet smells of baking and cooking potato soup with my girls. Maybe I'll take a couple pictures of them bundled in their sweaters and post them later.
God Bless.
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