October 12, 2005
An Answer!
I went yesterday for my follow-up with my doctor regarding the growth in my uterus which was viewed a month ago.
The tests show this thing is likely the cause of the crippling cramps and buckets of bleeding each month. So, they're taking it out. 99% of these types of growths are benign, so I'm not worrying about the 1% chance that mine may not be.
I am scheduled for minor surgery next Wednesday. The doc will do a scope before cutting and scraping, just to make sure what they think they saw a month ago is all that's there. I'm thinking this is probably routine before this type of thing.
Is it wrong to look forward to it? I mean, if the doctor's instincts are right, I will be back to normal in a month and will no longer have the pain and buckets I've been having..... and life could go on swimmingly for me. I'm just hoping that it resolves the problem and that we don't later get a poor report from the pathology department that will be testing the tissue. I'm not even thinking of that possibility.
If you think of it and if you are the praying type, keep me in your prayers next week. For no complications (not likely to have complications, this is just a minor surgery) and that I don't have a bad reaction to the anesthesia (which I have in the past) and I am able to come home Wednesday afternoon.
More updates coming.
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