October 03, 2005
Sorry for the Inconvenience
I am still working on my Vegas post and a birthday update. I did want to check in with you though and apologize.
Now when you comment to my blog, you will have to type in a verification. This is to prevent the SPAM I've been slammed with over the weekend.
It is disgusting that there are people out there going onto blogs and placing comments out there for advertising purposes. For COMPANIES. Probably illegitimate ones. Anyway, it has taken me more than 30 minutes in the last couple days to go through and delete the literally almost 50! of these comments that were put on my blog in the past three days. I had 23 of them this morning alone. So, that's why I now have the verification set. I know it's a pain, but I hope you can understand and still comment.
Much love to you all. Please pray, I'm having a rough day with Little A.
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