August 17, 2005
So, you think I'm posting too much today yet? I'm full of information. And I wanted to break it up into separate posts since I have so much to say about each subject. This post contains information about menstrual stuff, so Matt, you might want to stop reading right here.
Yesterday I went to see the gyn. She reluctantly agreed to give me a scrip for the xan@x, but I did get 3 months supply. I think that will be enough to get me through what I need.
We started by talking about the clotting from two weeks ago. Since we are avoiding pregnancy at this time, and since I've had 7 previous pregnancies where I knew I was pregnant right away, she has agreed to let it go that it was a possible miscarriage. We agree maybe it was, but likely it wasn't. So, we are going to figure out what is going on with these ridiculously heavy periods.
She felt fibroids* in my uterus. No big deal, she says. This could be the cause of my horrendous periods. She actually paid attention to me and decided that instead of jumping in right away with hormone therapy, we will try a pain medication that is used to prohibit the release of prostoglandins. I'll start the medication each month 2x/day the day before my period and take it til my period is over. If we can get the pain under control, maybe I can tolerate the heavy bleeding and clotting.
In the meantime, I will have an ultrasound next month to determine if what is in there is really fibroids and not something more scary (not likely). If there is no indication that something else is going on, I have a follow up to discuss the meds in 2 months.
So, there you have it. Things are okay, physically - a little bothersome, but nothing worrisome. Yippee!
*for some reason, Blogger isn't underlining my links - they are in bold, so it just looks like a word I've stressed. If you move your arrow over a bolded word in my posts, you'll see sometimes it is a link.
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