April 13, 2005
You're kidding me!
I am 98% sure that I am now allergic to something in beer. That's right. All of a sudden, I am getting an allergic reaction whenever I imbibe a brew or two.

Not something that is easy to overlook, having blisters on my lips that burst when I put softening lip balm on. Having scads of tattered skin on my precious lips makes them not only hurt, but totally unkissable - even to my girls.

I have to admit that maybe there is a problem since I am motivated to see an allergist more quickly than I was when we wondered if it was a new allergy to peanuts.

Beer = good

Allergy to beer = very very bad

I want to cry (okay, not really - but who is allergic to beer?! And how can I have THIS happen in a week when I was motivated to have a couple brews?)

Any thoughts?
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