April 11, 2005
Life Goes On
I feel guilty about it, too. I know I shouldn't, but let's face it, my mom is still in the midst of seeing the pieces of her life scattered on the floor around her - she hasn't even begun to pick them up.

But, as the title says....

I came home this weekend and found even more problems plaguing my computer. I have no viruses and no spyware.... Some other critical errors, though. We've run all sorts of diagnostics and gotten some great tech support. To no avail. This weekend, the dumb thing has crashed no less than 5 times - in 2 days.

I'll tell you a funny story about why I am blaming one of my best friends for the current problems. First, his wife built this computer. Second, he has been my tech support for all the years I've had a computer. And third, 11 days ago he sent me a link to Dell with a phenomenal deal - but we weren't even thinking then of replacing the computer, just adding some memory to what we have.

I was completely unwilling to think about spending the money 11 days ago - even accused him of trying to get me out of his hair, technologically speaking. And look at what happens. Here I am, with a computer that is sporadically functioning (at best). And while we were able to find a similar deal, it wasn't the sweetness that could have been had a scant week ago.

So, we took the plunge. This morning.

Dude, I'm gettin' a Dell!
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