April 28, 2005
American Idol Travesty
I cannot believe that Scott Sav*l is still in this competition. While I was definitely a fan of his from early on, his inconsistency and general failure to perform well in different genres has made me bang my head against a wall week after week when he is voted on the show. Are there scads of Americans out there voting for this guy simply because he is a Joe Schmo? Or is it a big joke? All these people are gonna make him the next American Idol as a joke on the producers of the show? What?
I am also sick and tired of listening to the musical stylings of ultra-vanilla Anthony. Yes, he has a nice voice, but is he idol material? Not really. I mean, you gotta hand it to a guy who's gonna get out there and belt out Celine Dion, but he's not really the next hot thing. A and I were wondering why we don't really like him, but we loved Clay. I'll tell you why, Clay has an AMAZING voice. Hands down, one of the most incredible voices they've had on that show. ever. So, Anthony, I think the market is not out there for his albums - sure he'd sell a few because he does have a nice, smooth voice, but he's really not amazing.
There is no way that these two are better than Nikko, Anwar, Nadia, or *gasp* Constantine.
I seriously am considering not watching any more of this season. As far as I am concerned the competition is over. The top three should have been Bo, Constantine and Vonzell. And well, I think Bo should win.
And dang, I am not some big Constantine fan cuz I think he's sexy (he's just okay), but the guy can sing way better than 3 others in the current "top" 5. He just kept getting better and better - and singing better than even I (an early fan) imagined he could. I think it is awful that he suffered because his fan base didn't know the Nickelback song.
Constantine, I'll buy your first album. Just please tell me you have the sense to work with a good producer.
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