April 15, 2005
Out of Commission....
Well, I don't know if I will be back online before late next weekend...

We are leaving tomorrow to go to Atlanta for the week, and I have loads of laundry to do and much packing up of computer stuff, as I referenced
here. I am really excited that I will be seeing my Atlanta friends and that Becca has gotten permission to take the day off Monday to spend with the girls and me!

We are actually going to go tonight to spend the night with A's parents because I forgot to bring his bongos home and he's playing with the ensemble at our church home in Atlanta on Sunday at the noon mass. :) I am thinking maybe we will have breakfast with my mom tomorrow before we hit the road, too.

I am excited to be going to see most of my friends in Atlanta, particularly one you all know in blogland. I am super excited that we will finally be able to get our husbands together and meet each other's other half - even though I am already pretty comfortable with M, after talking on the phone and on IM several times. We also have plans to meet up with another couple (A's been friends with her practically his whole life and we were blessed to grow a friendship with them while we lived in Atlanta) for dinner Tuesday. I'll be so happy to see our friends and their children - all of them are at ages where they change almost daily, so I can't imagine what it will be like to get the kids all together. And, Little A and I will have lunch on Thursday with some of my favorite people in Atlanta. A wonderful pair of girls, that I have been so blessed to become friends with.

I am hoping that I will hear back from the principal at V's school and that she'll be able to attend Tue/Thu this week. It turns out it is also her teacher's last week before maternity leave, so I need to gather up a baby gift for her. V is excited at the prospect of seeing her classmates and their other friends while we are on "vacation".

I am just looking forward to not having the responsibilities of home for a few days. I need a little break and hopefully, I'll be able to steal away one evening for a pedicure at my favorite skin care school. That would be a slice of heaven. :) And the parks... oooh, the public parks in the greater metro area are just beautiful. I am looking forward to some cool spring weather and beautiful days at the park.

And well, I just don't even know if I will have computer access anywhere there. Maybe I'll even read a book. :)

Until next time, may God's abundant blessings be evident in your life.
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