November 17, 2004
The Many Shades of Me
Okay, I know I mentioned in a previous post that my hair has been a big fiasco. I have some pictures to show you just how much of one.

Here is what my hair looked like when I made the first mistake (note the shiny blue-black - wouldn't it suit me to have a pierced eyebrow?):

Then, after trying to get the black out, it ended up a strange ashy/spotty brownish/black (note the bald spot - this is from the sores I had on my head from trying to get the black out - my head oozed for days, the chemicals burnt me so badly):

Then, today I went for a color correction and this is in the middle of the process (if there was any question about just how bad one can look... check out the bags under my eyes here!):

And this is the final result. Not as dark or as brown as we expected it to be, but much more acceptable than the black (I am not sure what the hell I was smirking about here, but hey, never underestimate the possibility of looking like total crap, even when you are happy you no longer have a strange color hair):

This is all in a matter of a week and a half. The last 3 pictures were all taken today. Yikes. Now, we just pray that the color doesn't fade too fast due to the bleaching to get the black out - the stylist told me I may need to color again in a couple weeks to refresh the color concentration. Ugh.

My new motto? Always check the bottle at least three times before dumping it on your head.

One last thing before I sign off for the night. I am leaving tomorrow to join my husband in Florida. I won't be back until the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so if I am unable to get to a computer before then, know that I am praying for you and wishing you well during the holiday.

I love you and God Bless You and Yours.
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