November 14, 2004
I quit. That is what I want to say when I go into school on Tuesday.

Today was the silent auction and I have to say this was one of the most miserable experiences I have had at this school. The woman who was the committee chair - we'll call her Sally - was gone all week leading up to this event and therefore the last minute details fell upon others. One major issue was food. Supposedly, the food was arranged to be donated by this man - we'll call him Joe. Joe supposedly had a crew lined up to prepare and serve the food as well as help set up tables, etc. Well, Sally called the school Thursday and asked me to have someone contact Joe and firm up plans for the food for Sunday and find out what his menu of choice will contain. Well, we had a difficult time reaching Joe and finally someone connected with him on Friday, only to find out that he had no idea what we were talking about! That's right, every time Sally had been asked the status of the food, she answered that it was all taken care of and I am certain she intended to take care of it, but never did. That left us with no food coming on Sunday and we had barely more than 24 hours to come up with an alternate plan. Well, one person got the spaghetti and another made sauce; one family bought bread and rolls and I bought salad and dressing. The bread and salad was enough for 150 people, yet we had less than 60 actually eat. So, more than half of what I bought went unused. This makes me angry because I easily could have bought less salad. This means I spent over $40 on items that half went unused. After we realized the mistake, we offered the bags of salad (3 lbs bought at 2.80 each) to the people in attendance for $2 each (trying to get at least some of what was spent back). Some of the bread was also sold, but the remaining can be frozen and used for another event. The remaining bags of salad? A total loss. I hope someone had the sense to take them to a food pantry.

The other, more major, thing that has me seething over this experience is the fact that in meetings re: this event, I was assigned the task of getting the bid sheets organized at auction end in order to facilitate easy payment and pick up of the items. I picked up about half of the bid sheets (the rest were picked up by other women) and took them to the back of the room, where I could sit in a quiet place to organize the papers as quickly as possible. I requested several times that the rest of the sheets be brought to the back where I was, only to have Sally snap at me that they needed to be near the stage. I have no idea why anything had to be near the stage, because not once were those sheets taken on the stage and items announced over the microphone. Later, when I took the bid sheets from the items I won along with a check to the cashier table, Sally snapped at me again, snorting that she HAS to check to make sure my check was written for the correct amount. Now, maybe you all don't know that I am a math genius, or maybe it is hard to believe when I admit that I cannot easily enter the password to get on Jen's blog, but this was nearly insulting. She had to double check my addition? WTF?

Well, if there was ever a question about what I would say to the principal on Tuesday (I had already decided was giving my notice on Tuesday anyway - more on that in a minute), there is no question now. I refuse to work with someone who creates chaos and then treats me like a child, not to mention - why assign me a task, then snap at me for trying to complete that task? I don't need this stress.

As for me resigning: I am under a lot of stress - the holidays are quickly approaching and I am moving a mere 10 days before Christmas. I am trying to get things ready for Christmas before the move so I can store everything at my IL's from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This will allow me to deal with the packers and movers without worrying about which boxes Christmas gifts are in, etc. Also, since most of our things are going into storage, I really need to go through everything to determine what is needed in the apartment once we move. I also need to spend some time with my girls without wanting to wring their necks - I believe that working at the school has complicated my life in ways I never imagined. Even though I know I would still have stress due to my husband living in another state right now, I know that I did not feel like this last year when we were separated before moving to Georgia - and I was selling a house then. The icing on my stress-cake seems to be my father-in-law's current health concerns and well, something has got to give.

I am not a patient mother and I am crying nearly every day over the stuff going on at school. I am tired of the bologna that is going on there and the fact that it consumes me. It isn't my school and I am not responsible for what happens there. I have busted my tail to help them and Sally is reluctant to implement anything I suggest. Forget that I have the most office experience of anyone there. Anyway, I digress. I have not been a good mother since I am under all this stress. The biggest stress is actually being in that school and I just have to do what is best for me and family. I have earned enough to pay for nearly all of Veronica's tuition for the year (yes, we have agreed to uphold our financial commitment to the school in spite of the fact she is only going to be there half the year). We never anticipated that I would be working anyway, so we are prepared to pay the remaining tuition out of our household budget.

This will allow me to get a little control over my life. Ana needs me. She needs to be with me. She needs to grow up a little and it just isn't happening in the nursery with the babies at school. Veronica will still finish the semester at school and Ana and I will have time to get some things done at home to prepare for the move. I can leave here with happy memories and hopefully in the weeks before our move, the bitterness I feel now will fade. I believe in this school and its mission. I love the people here. I will pray every day for the success of the school and all its students and staff. I just can't be an employee anymore. My family needs me more.

Until next time, God Bless you.
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