November 15, 2004
Hearts and Brains
Okay, first and most importantly, please pray for my father-in-law Tuesday as he has an echocardiogram to try to determine what is going on with his heart. This is the first test in a possible long line to figure out what is causing his heart failure.

Second, please pray for me. I don't often ask for help, but now is a time that I really need it. To give you an idea how freakin' crazy I am right now, let me share a story about my morning today:

I had an appointment to have my hair bleached and colored. Maybe I should backtrack a week for those of you who haven't had the privelege to hear this illustrious story... Last weekend, I colored my hair. It turned out black. I mean, blue-black - it was so black. A beautiful black, but black nonetheless. Now, I am not at all prejudiced, but me in black hair? All I needed was a pierced eyebrow and it would have made sense. But, I look terrible with black hair.

So, I called my friend who is a stylist and she suggested I get a stronger developer and a blond color to strip out the black without too much damage to my hair. Well, I had a reaction to the developer and burned my scalp - to the point that it has been one huge scabby (ick!) mess for the whole week. Needless to say, I didn't leave that sh*t on my head very long and it didn't strip out the black - just managed to make me less black and more blue (it was still pretty black at this point). So, my friend, the stylist, had me come to her house and she tried on Wednesday to get the black out of my hair. Didn't work. Not budging. The good news? She did manage to get a lot of the blue out. The bad news? The result was a little brown, a little ashy grayish, a little blue mixed in with a lot of black. Crap. It looks like crap. The other good news? She gave me an awesome cut. I love it - really, I do. So... back to today.

As I said, I had an appointment with her (at her house again) for this morning. I arrived to find no car in the driveway. I tried banging on the door and ringing the bell, but no answer. I called only to get her voicemail. While we were waiting the 20 minutes in the driveway, V threw up. All over herself. All over the carseat. Ugh. Carsickness is a tricky thing with a 4 year old - she never told me she was feeling ill, just that the sun was making her mad. I guess I better get her a sunshade. Anyway... after waiting 20 minutes, I left, but did leave a note on the front door. I decided, since V insisted that she was feeling well, to go get V something clean to wear (we were 35 minutes from home) and run some errands and if my friend called, we could just hop back over to her house. Well, I waited around her end of town for quite a while without hearing from her, so I headed back toward home.

I needed to stop at Michael's to get some things to make Christmas gifts and while I was there, my friend called. She wondered where I had been. They had been waiting for hours and I didn't show. I explained to her that I was in her driveway for nearly half an hour and banged on the door and even tried calling. She said her husband was on the computer, so that is why I got the voicemail; and lamented that she didn't hear me bang on the door or ring the bell. We wondered how this could have happened and then something she said made me realize I had been at the wrong house. Right next door. Crap. Her daughter went and got my note off the neighbor's door and we rescheduled for Wednesday. damn. I have this strange black hair another 2 days.

Anyway... just an indication of how little my brain is functioning these days. SO, please pray for my FIL whose heart isn't functioning well and please pray for me, whose brain isn't functioning. Plus, I am quitting my job tomorrow, so pray for that too. I am not looking forward to telling the principal - I know she might cry and I just have to be strong and do what is best for me and my family.

Besides, we have decided that the girls and I will leave Thursday instead of Friday to go to FL! Oh, boy!!!

Until next time, (as Laura says) Namaste!
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