November 13, 2004
Please Pray
I found out last night that my father-in-law, a man whom I love very much has heart problems. He had a stress test Thursday that showed his heart is only functioning about half what it should be - only 30% function (at his age, it should be just over 60%). He is going next week for a catheterization procedure to see if there is a blockage or some type of infection impairing his heart function. For now, it is called Cardio Myopathy.

I spoke to him this morning and he is in bed, resting as much as possible. Not even going to mass this morning (they go every day), he is obviously concerned - he's not one to miss church, even on bad days. He told me that he gets winded just from walking to the trash can and back. (They have a large house, but it isn't down the block to get to the trash in the kitchen!) I think they are more worried than they are letting on. I know A is freaking out more than a little that his dad is having these problems, I think he is glad he has been spending so much time with them lately.

I am worried. I am scared. I can't lose another parent, not right now; my kids can't lose their Pop-pop; my husband can't lose his dad right now; my mother-in-law can't lose her husband.... I am sick with sorrow over this and we don't know anything definitive yet. All I know is that heart disease has killed lots of people in my family and I thought I was safe allowing myself to fall in love with A's family - all his grandparents are in their 80's!

Please pray for my father-in-law and my mother-in-law. I can't imagine if I am this scared how they must be feeling.

God Bless you all.
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