November 05, 2004
TGIF! (edited)
I am looking forward to dinner with Becca in just a little bit! I am wiped out from a crazy week, and I PROMISE to give an update this weekend about what's been happening in my neck of the woods.

I want to wish
Kelly and Jen a fantastic weekend together! I hope Kelly got there safely this afternoon after a long drive by herself (maybe that solitude was better than Kelly anticipated!).

I was to send
Cara best wishes as she and her family move this weekend - if you need to make a pitstop in the middle, give me a call!! I am excited you are going back home!

I want to remind everyone to pray for
Kate and her sweet, fighting boy.

Oh, let's pray for some relief for
Sandi - she has had so much tragedy all around her lately and I know the anniversary of her father's passing is upon us, so let's offer up some prayers for her and her family.

If I have left anyone out, please forgive me - and send me a comment so I remember to keep you in my thoughts and prayers too.
(edited 11/6 AM)
I had a great time meeting Becca for dinner, in spite of the fact it took me an hour in traffic to get there (ugh!). We didn't have much time together due to the traffic, but it is always nice to spend some time with a good friend. She is wonderful and while we were there, she pointed out a kiosk that sold hand painted name things. I don't know what you would call them, but I have attached a picture so you can see. One of the artist's examples was V's name (unusual for us to see!), so I was interested right away. After looking closer at these beautiful posters, I soon realized they are all birds and flowers and butterflies. I decided to get one for each of the girls for Christmas in colors that will match their homemade quilts my grandma made them last year. We enjoyed watching this talented man create these beautiful pieces of art - of asian influence and if you look closely, you can see that the beautiful details in the letters.

I wanted to use the gift card I've been holding onto for a year to get some new shirts and something to wear for Christmas this year, so we headed to
Rich's/Macy's. It was a nightmare and I quickly realized why I have very little in my wardrobe that fits. Aside from the fact that I am at my heaviest weight ever, my darling little A was a nightmare. She was throwing Christmas ornaments off a display and throwing tantrums and generally being a very terrible two. I now know why this part of toddlerhood is referred to that way.
I did get some beautiful things at quite a great price (nice dressy jacket (suit-style, but can be worn with jeans too - pink/tweedy; 2 blouses, 2 sweaters, and a skirt - all for $100 - minus my $50 gift card and I paid only $50 for everything!). I am quite pleased and actually need to take 2 tops back to exchange for one size smaller. The only thing about all this? Everything seems to be in the pink family, so I guess my new color for this winter is pink. :)
God Bless you all, my blogging friends. I love you and pray you have a blessed weekend.
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