November 03, 2004
Thank GOD It's Over!
While, of course, I am happy that the candidate I support has been re-elected, I am mostly relieved to have this whole election business over with.

Only time will tell how America is able to rally as a nation to go forward as a unified force in the world. May the left-wing and all dem0crats, as well as the liberal republic*ns and those who disagree with some of W's politics all rally as Americans and support our great nation.

Forget politics and parties and right and left... Forget agendas and platforms and hot button issues... Let's bind ourselves together - like we did after 9-11. Let's present ourselves to the world as a nation that supports each other, rather than a nation that clutches at each other's throats over politics.

There has to be a place that we can meet to agree that our children's futures, that our own futures in a free country are dependent on our support of our entire government, even if we don't agree with all the politics. We need to pray for our leaders and pray for each other, that the gaps forced wide open during this election season are bridged and we can move together toward a more stable, happy, secure America. It is essential that we build these bridges with each other to unify as a nation, despite obvious differences. My friend,
Becca, has said it in a most eloquent way - isn't it amazing that she could have pulled the thoughts right out of my own head?!

God Bless You today and look forward to a back to business post from me in the coming days.

Right now, I need a nap since I stayed up for hours and hours to see the same numbers on the television...
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