August 31, 2004
Let's Get This Party Started...
I have no freakin' clue what I am doing.... All I was trying to do was post a comment on Becca's new blog and ended up creating a blog of my own in the "sign in here" place. Damn. If that isn't a way to be coerced into a blog of my very own.

Okay... If you are here, then I am assuming that you already "know" me - probably from iP or blogworld comments sections (okay, you probably don't know me from there since I rarely comment on blogs, oh the shame of being a lurker!). Perhaps you know me from "real life" as opposed to this internet existence that so many of us find solace in - where else can you find a group of women who aren't catty, selfish beings - intent on proving their child is better than yours? Okay, you can find those people on the great big WWW... But, how many in-person groups of many women have you met that can measure up to the honesty and sincerity of these beautiful and caring women in our "little" group that sprung from iP? Anyway, I digress...

I am posting this entry to welcome you to my blog. I have no clue how to change any of the colors or the layout of this damn thing, so bear with me as I take a crash course in HTML or whatever the hell the "Change Page Layout" screen wants me to enter. This is going to be harder than I thought - hehee

I will be figuring this out in the coming days, so please don't complain about my sloppy blog habits.... I will get there. One day, god willing, I may be as good as the rest of you in having snazzy photo headers and all those little tattoo things down the side of the page or maybe even gasp a cool little chat window right on my main page... Nah, probably won't ever be that good!

Until next time, folks.... God Be With You.
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