March 04, 2008
Middle Name Meme
I was tagged by Margaret Mary for this meme. Thanks, Margaret Mary!


M - Mary, she is my role model. I wish I could more graciously say yes when the Lord wants something from me. Also, wishing I would be more gentle, like she surely was when Jesus was a boy.

A - Aunt! I'm still so excited to be getting another niece or nephew this year. I wish my sister (in-law) and her husband lived closer.

R - Read. I love to read and would like some suggestions on good books you've read lately that have touched you in a special way. I'm tired of grabbing whatever's on the shelf by the door of the library, just because it is convenient when I've got the girls with me. I want to read something with more substance - something that might challenge me to grow as a person. Please offer suggestions!

I - Insecure. I am, really. I try to overcome this, but a lifelong battle with low self-esteem has been a really hard habit to break. A nun told me last week that she thinks it takes a very special kind of mom to say yes to homeschooling and I completely blew off her compliment. Later, I wondered why she'd say such a thing - then it occured to me that she said it because it is true. I believe it of others, but not of myself. Lord, please help me change my attitude toward myself.

E - Eager to serve. I love to make people feel welcome. I like to do small special things for others, especially guests in my home. If you come to visit, I promise to do small nice things to make you feel warm and fuzzy.


I will tag anyone who wants to do this. Let me know so I can read your answers!
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