March 21, 2008
A couple weeks ago, I was talking on the phone with my brother and heard the sinus junk in his voice - for the third time this winter. I commented that we'd been rather blessed this season with the non-occurrence of illness in our home - then I chuckled and said I hoped I hadn't just slapped fate in the face. bah! Prophetic words, them. The very next night, Bookworm awoke with the need to empty the contents of her stomach. Poor thing suffered greatly for about 24 hours and really didn't eat for about two and a half days.

A week after that, I awoke ten or seventy times throughout the night, unable to get comfortable or fall back to sleep. Apparently, I was also saying some crazy things, keeping my husband awake as well. Perhaps he should think twice before scheduling a meeting with 30 people from church in our house at 3 am next time. (what could have possibly been going through my mind? did I really think there were forty people downstairs at that time?) I managed to do absolutely nothing other than lay in bed or on a couch for two entire days, so burning with fever was I. It was great! Next time, I ought to just keep my darn mouth shut when I notice my brother and his family have picked up germs multiple times in the season. I probably deserved being knocked on my butt for feeling so smug.
God Bless you.
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