February 16, 2008
Homeschool Update
Somehow, we've managed to mostly stay on track for the school year. One catch - I have to scan everything and send it in to Seton for grades. This is actually on my list to complete by the end of this month - to have first and second quarter submitted to Seton.
As I'd predicted from the beginning of this school year, Sally is almost finished with Kindergarten - she'll likely finish everything before her birthday at the end of March. I think we may just order first grade and get started. I was hoping to get the conference discount in June, but I really think we shouldn't wait for her to get started on the coursework. I've considered just getting a couple subjects and having her do science with her sister, but I can't decide what's best for her right now. I suppose I'll pray about it. The only problem with doing partial subjects is then we have the issue of Seton's grades being off. I do think it's possible she'll finish first and second grade by the summer of 2009.
Up until about 5 weeks ago, she was completely uninterested in even trying to read. Now? She's reading. It's amazing! The other night, we played a beginning reader Bible trivia game and she rocked it! She read the cards with practically no help. Of course, it took longer having her read, but it was fantastic to see the progress she's made in such a short time. We're very proud of her efforts and her interest.
Bookworm is pretty much the same. We've had some trouble with her crying when something doesn't come easily to her, but that seems to be easing up. She'll finish the some subjects ahead of schedule, so we'll work on book reports and creative writing, both of which she abhors. She's actually going to have to do two book reports this month since she has refused to do them up til now (and I have to submit the coursework for first and second quarter). Seton's curriculum could be a bit more challenging in some areas, but I think it's a great, solid program. We will be supplementing more from the library as we head into the spring.
I've been affirmed repeatedly for making this decision to school our children at home. They are blossoming and they both are incredible kids (of course I am biased). They have both thanked me in recent months for homeschooling them - they are starting to realize how much extra they get to do because our schedule allows. It's very rewarding to see them grow and learn.
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