February 01, 2008
Please Participate!
Mary at Owlhaven has more kids than you can imagine. 4 of her daughters were born in Ethiopia and the country has captured Mary's heart in a very tangible way. Her writing is fantastic, but the love for her children is what keeps me reading. Mary has detailed the social situation in her daughters' native country and it is so sad that there are so many people living in such poverty. We cannot even imagine what it'd be like to experience some of what they go through each day. Most women are so poor they don't even have a blanket for their newborn! The hospital workers wash everything by hand, including sheets, towels, etc.!
Mary's family has really embraced the cause and her parents and sister will be going to Ethiopia this summer to help train nurses and do odd jobs in an attempt to help make a difference. Mary had this brilliant idea of getting some bloggers to donate blankets to supply the hospital with something to present to each newborn baby to take home. Initially, many of us wanted to make blankets to be taken there by her family - but the suggestion of collecting monetary donations in order for her family to purchase the blankets from local merchants (thus stimulating the economy while freeing up suitcase space for things like medical books, et al), has led to today. Today is the day we can all make a difference - if even to one baby, one family. Please go to Mary's place and make a donation.
But wait, there's more! Mary thought it'd be great if she could raise $500 - to supply about 100 blankets to the hospital. Then she issued a challenge - dreaming big, thinking we could help thousands to us all to raise the money for a commercial washing machine. $2000.00 USD
Won't you please consider donating to this worthy cause? I did!
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