February 11, 2008
Babes into Autumn!
We had a fantastic weekend! You can read all about our little pilgrimage trip to Emmitsburg in my last post. I ended that post with a mention of heading to some friends' for dinner. That was a lot of fun, with another family in attendance as well. After dinner, the adults (and the 12-year-olds girls) played Pictionary - I'd forgotten how much fun that game is. Our team didn't technically win (due to dice rolling inabilities), but we definitely outplayed the guys.
The best part of the evening, nay - the whole weekend, was an interruption to our game. First Husband's phone buzzed in his pocket, but he let it go to voicemail after mouthing to me that it was his brother-in-law. Then, my phone buzzed in my pocket - it was the same brother-in-law, so I felt it must be important for the attempt to track us down. And it was.
They are pregnant! They'd been hoping and trying for nearly a year and it wasn't looking like they'd be able to do it without some medical assistance. Of course, we've all been praying for them and we can't be more thrilled for their family to grow! This is their first pregnancy and I am all too aware that things don't always go as planned, but I pray that their hearts will be spared the aching my own has endured. I pray this pregnancy goes perfectly well and in the fall, we will have another niece or nephew to love.
Would you please pray with us? Also, they have their first doctor appointment today, so pray that goes well and all is well.
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