November 09, 2007
Day 9: Relief
A doctor who actually listens is a gift. Seriously.
Even though my day started with hearing the screams of my oldest daughter, yelling "Earthquake!!!", my day is looking to be good. Mass, then a doctor appointment with a new doctor - and he listened! to me! and believed me! And wants to help me!
It really does make all the difference in the world. That, and the fact that I came home to newly clean floors, courtesy of my wonderful husband.
I'm off to enjoy a little time with husband before he goes to work - from 1-11pm today. blech. And then the girls and I are out to lunch with friends and then to market. We're having a group over for dinner tomorrow night before a concert at our church. Hoorah, we're set up for a fantastic weekend.
Have a fantastic day.
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