January 09, 2007
My Husband is a Happy Man
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You see, when he gets hurt, he bleeds Orange and Blue. "What?" you ask? Well, my Husband is a Florida Gator through and through.
And last night, he sat in a hotel room far away from home, cheering on his team for the BCS Championship game. And I sat on our couch in the living room and cheered on his team. It was so exciting that every time I thought I'd go to bed, I'd check on the game "one last time" - and I ended up turning the tv back on to see the end, when the trophies are presented and the MVP's are announced.
It was quite an exciting night of football. The Gators not only proved they deserved to be in the title game, they shut down the team that was considered the hands-down champ.
I, for one, enjoyed watching the Gators Chomp their way to victory. Congratulations, guys!
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