January 02, 2007
A Year In Review: A Meme
There is so much I'd like to record regarding my reflections of 2006. I don't have time, too busy with the start of 2007 and getting ready for a trip to my new home city to find a place to live..... So, you get the first lines of the first post from each month.
January: "2005 was a difficult year for my family...."
February: "Poor little A, keeps picking up whatever virus or strain of virus is going around."
March: "It's embarrassing not to know what's going on with your body."
April: "Haha! Now you too can have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day."
May: "I am not big on "meme"s." [Yet, here I am, doing a meme.]
June: "Husband left this morning to drive to his new job in another state." [And hey, here we are in Jan 07 and he's working in yet another state....]
July: "I'm back online! Whew! Almost 3 weeks...."
August: "We're home." [from the out-of-state funeral of a dear friend, which happened a lot this year - we lost a friend our age, a dear old family friend, and Husband lost both his paternal grandparents, plus the year ended with the loss of my great-grandmother. That's a lot when it's written down, but it really didn't feel like one after the other starting in May. I guess God was gracious to us in that we were only really close with one of those who began their heavenly life in 2006.]
September: "As I was dragged through the store, I felt something tear..." [referring to Bookworm's birthday pinata]
October: "My birthday weekend did not quite turn out the way we'd planned."
November: "I'm back from Florida."
December: "Father-in-Law made it through his surgery well Friday evening".
Definitely not as exciting a year as those whose year started with (in)fertility woes and ended with sleepless nights caring for a newborn - many congratulations to my online friends and to my longtime friends M&D for the births of your much-awaited and -desired children.
2007 is going to be a big year for us. I can just tell (tongue-in-cheek).
May 2007 bring you happiness and peace and boundless love.
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