December 03, 2006
Home Sweet Home
Father-in-Law made it through his surgery well Friday evening (postponed a few times throughout the day, due to other, more emergent cases). He was released Saturday morning from the hospital and enjoyed a "real meal".
We drove home yesterday and were astounded as we pulled into our driveway. Everything looks strange here, almost like I didn't remember it. Until I realized that I could see straight through to the back yard on one side of the house. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and was puzzled as I glanced round the neighborhood. Husband pointed out that in our absence, all the leaves had vacated the trees. And hey, he's right.
It is at once beautiful and hideous. One of the things we've loved in this neighborhood was the towering pecan trees that spread their branches and gift us with their cool(er) shade. This fall, the trees gave us another gift - an array of rich foliage, colors fit for framing. And thinking I'd have more time, another fall to enjoy it, I didn't pull my camera out and capture the beauty.
Perhaps this is one way I will not miss this home so acutely? That as I prepare to move away after so brief a time, our grass is dormant, the trees are bare, everything dull and lifeless. These points of beauty, of lush life in the South.... they will be a dear memory.
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