December 20, 2006
A Merry Christmas to You
The girls and I are off to Atlanta for a couple days to visit friends. We're actually not going until tonight, but I have a lot to do, since when we come home late Friday night, we'll have Husband and my mom with us.
We are going to lunch tomorrow with a friend and then spending the afternoon with Becca. I hope she'll forgive me and allow me to get some crafts done at her house. :) I can still visit with her, but if these things don't get done, they're not going to before Christmas.
Friday, we'll enjoy a lazy morning (with Becca and Rach). And in the afternoon, I'll be taking the girls to see The Nutcracker. We actually used some of their Christmas money from my grandma to buy their tickets, so it is a special treat from a beloved (Thanks, Grandma S!). And then, later Friday, we head to the airport to pick up my mom and Husband!!!
We have a busy weekend, just like every other family. But we'll be at church three times and then of course, the Christmas Pageant, where we will have one lamb and one angel participating.
I pray you have a blessed Christmas and if your family throws a birthday party for Jesus, have a blast. For all of you who are traveling, be safe and I'll be praying for safe arrivals for you and your loved ones.
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