November 09, 2006
Limbo - the Story of My Life
Why is it that just as we are at peace with a decision about geography and Husband’s job, we are slammed with other issues? Issues that make us question our decision and whether or not we should make a different decision. We want to stay here, but the job issue is too big an issue. So, we make a different decision. One that will change everything. Our community, our distance from our parents, ...everything.
This decision has been difficult for us and one we’ve begged God to lead us in a different direction. Yet, here He is, continuing to tell us to make this move. The details aren’t worked out yet and let’s face it, we know things change quickly, so perhaps I’m upset about this over nothing right now.
I’d like to be out of limbo, but I’d appreciate if I could stay here afterwards. But I just don’t think that’s going to happen. To have to move again, less than 6 months after moving here just makes me feel ill.
We’re off to geography club.
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