November 07, 2006
I Miss My Dad
Mary, from Owlhaven, gives a Golden Keyboard Award each week. This week's topic was "Who do you miss the most?"
Since I am scrambling for things to write about this month, I thought I'd use her topic for an entry. Let's face it, I miss lots of people.
In beginning this entry, I think of all the possible subjects for my post: my Dad, my grandparents, my brothers in Ohio, my mom or in-laws who live in Florida, my Step-dad, old friends, my sister-in-law and her husband, newer friends that we moved away from too soon, the girl I used to be....
And it occured to me that more than anyone, it really is my Dad that I miss most. I suppose it is mostly because my Dad was the center of my world when I was growing up. A great big personality, with an even more boisterous laugh and love of life, he was the joy of everyone who knew him. He had this ability to make everyone feel completely at ease, that they were the sole focus of his attention. He was definitely a people-person and everyone believed they were his best friend, and many felt he was definitely the best friend they had.
I miss my Dad because he died when I was 18. He wasn't around when I really became an adult, when I met my husband, became a mother, morphed into the woman I am today. I'm not sure if he can see me now, or if he watches over my children, I like to think so. But it would be incredible to watch a football game with him in my living room, sharing the fun with my husband and my girls.
I know without a doubt that my Dad would have loved Husband - I know they would have become close friends. And he'd have romped on the floor with my girls just the way he did with my brothers and me. It isn't the big things that I miss, but I would love to be able to share my family with my Dad. I hope he'd be proud of the wife and mother I've become. I have had uncountable times when I just wanted to share a hug and a laugh with my Dad.
I miss him.
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