May 22, 2006
Broken-Hearted *edited*
We had a busy and fruitful weekend. We had lots of fun. We got lots of stuff accomplished. But there was one thing....
A phone call from a friend who hadn't slept all night. A phone call that contained a zinger that permits me to finally support her decision to divorce her husband. She's been crazy that I refuse to support her in her decision, but the events of the weekend produced some facts that sadly make the marriage unsalvageable, even from my rose-colored glasses viewpoint.
It makes me sad. This will affect not only our closest family friends and their children, but it will affect my children and my husband and me. I am broken hearted for our friends.
I won't share details, as they aren't my details to share. But I will ask for any of you that pray to please pray for my friends and their children. And throw in a couple for my family as well, if you have an extra moment, please.
***edited to add: We found out today that we were right in our guess about the third potential location that "might come available". And it weighs on our hearts that it didn't work out for us - they were able to convince the guy who was leaving Baltimore to stay with the company, but he gets the location we dreamed of. We're not bitter - great for him! And great for the company to retain such a good GM. But, we'd be lying if we said we weren't disappointed he took it.***
God Bless you.
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