May 24, 2006
Exhausted... Blessed
Listening is exhausting. :) And admitting you have no idea what the answer could be is humbling.
So, I'm exhausted and humbled.
And grateful for my marriage. For my husband. For our families. For the support we have. For the level heads on our shoulders. For my husband's career opportunities. For our loving family. Grateful for God's abundant blessings - and that the more we turn to him, the more blessed we are. Grateful for our therapist and the years of hard work we've done under her guidance to build a solid relationship - solid in its trust, in its neverending love, in the communication it requires, in its commitment, in the endless support we offer one another.
I am grateful for my children. They are a great source of joy for me. They soothe my sad soul, they renew my heart. They put smiles on my face and giggles upon my lips. I am so grateful for their hugs, their smiles, their presence.
I am ever grateful for the friends I have, who hold me up in thoughts and prayers, who offer a listening ear, who fold my laundry when I'm injured and losing my mind, for the hugs, the emails, the phone calls... I am grateful for the well wishes and the thoughtfulness and the encouragement.
In my exhaustion and humility, I find I am completely grateful for the people in my life.
I am blessed.
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