December 11, 2005
Check it Out
If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you know I've been making lame attempts at improving my health. I say lame because I always tend to fall off and then it's a while before I get back on board.
No more. Last week, I joined a weight loss center (you know, like the ones in the commercials - "I did it and you can too!"). And in my first three days, I lost 7 pounds! Seriously. I am going to be the "biggest loser"!!!! And I'm eating. Too much, I feel. Actually, last night I nearly choked down the remainder of my food for the day. And it isn't "special" food that I have to buy from the center. It's basically what I'm making for my family, only mine is carefully measured out. And, yeah, I'm losing weight.
I won't be chronicling all the details here, some of you will be bored to tears by the details by knowing me other than this blog..... but I will eventually share pictures of my journey.
I want to use this few minutes to let you know that I will be gone until Christmas - maybe after.
May your Christmas be filled with love and light and the joy and peace that only the celebration of Christ's birth can bring!
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