January 03, 2006
God Blessed Us in 2005
2005 was a difficult year for my family.... Grandparents were ill, A's job was beyond tough (remember for months and months we thought he'd lose his job?), my stepdad was killed by a drunk driver, I was depressed and then had a breakdown after we moved again....
But I have to admit one incredible thing: God was with us through it all.
-The grandparents improved and are going strong, in spite of their advanced years.
-A's job is incredible now that hurricane reconstruction has been complete and the president of his company has said that A has a definite future and growth with the company.
-I have peace in KNOWING my stepfather has joined God in heaven. Our loss is felt deeply each day, but I know Pop is in a place he never imagined and the love he feels is immense, so my sense of loss seems so small in comparison to his gain!
-We love being in a house again, and this time it's even better because we have awesome neighbors and new friends. I've gotten involved at our church and am finding life to be much happier, thus helping with the depression.
-I'm about to embark on a new journey as a counselor for girls in "crisis" pregnancies.
-Our girls are wonderful, in spite of the small stresses I feel from day to day. I could never have imagined the joy and happiness that I have in my family. When I was a little girl and dreamed what my life would be like "when I grow up" - I never even imagined THIS happiness. This sense of a heart so filled to bursting....
Yes, in spite of the difficulties, 2005 was a good one for us. Our marriage has never been stronger, our girls never more beautiful and fun... We have much to be thankful for. Our families are nearby and we were blessed to have a busy and love-filled Christmas season. Our friends are abundant (even if they are scattered throughout the country) and God has bestowed great joy upon us.
I don't have many expectations for 2006, other than deepening my friendships, my familial relationships and my bond with my Savior. I expect this year will be one filled with many things unknown and many things to be grateful for. I'm so happy to be here and I treasure each moment of fun, laughter, love, and sadness - for even in the sadness, there is joy.
I thought of doing a Christmas post, but I'm just not sure I could capture the love and joy we were surrounded with and immersed in this year. We were definitely blessed at the end of 2005.
I pray your 2006 is filled with countless blessings and that you and yours are happy and healthy.
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