January 24, 2006
V on Americ@n Id0l
We were watching the AI auditions tonight and V loves watching with us. Following are a few of her most hilarious comments. I am certain I won't capture the full humor in them as you cannot possibly see the looks on her face as she made them:
Cache - Randy loved her name, but nobody loved her voice: (with a pained look on her face) "I really don't think that was very good."
Rhonetta - the crazy trashy girl in the silver tube top: (looking perplexed) "Does she really think she looks like a star? 'Cuz I don't think she looks like a movie star... I like her sparkly shirt, but it doesn't look nice on her."
"Um, why would HE think he should go to Hollywood?"
"I really don't think they're going to let her go. I just think that wasn't very good at all"
"His mom thought he sang nice?"
The girl with the squeaky voice and crossed eyes - who thought she looked really cute: (V looking sick to her stomach, very dramatic) "She really can't sing - and she's not cute like she said she is"
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