September 01, 2005
Relief and Sadness ~EDITED~
I find it incredibly weird today to blog about something mundane or try to be witty about the boringness of my life. So I won't.
But I will remind you to do WHATEVER you can to reach out to our neighbors on the Gulf Coast and let them know that all is not lost. Now is a time to come together as a nation and help our neighbors. It is devastating to see bodies lying dead in the street because help can't get there fast enough. People who survived the initial devastation of the hurricane but who couldn't get the medical attention they needed or the nourishment to sustain their lives. It breaks my heart - and looks like a third world country, not the blessed United States of America.
You can go here to make a monetary donation. I know there are places around the south that are taking all types of donations to help the victims - water, food, clothing, batteries... Check your local information if you are in the south and can drop off some items to help. Every place I looked for making donations mentioned specify FOR VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA on your donation. You can find a list of aid groups here. And MOXIE has set up quite a list. ~And this is incredible.~
If you don't have the means to make a monetary donation, prayers are always needed. Especially during a time of this much need.
God Help Them All. And help US help them too.
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