November 29, 2008
Day 29: Thankfulness
Today, we forced ourselves into some grace. We really wanted to see some friends, but they live over an hour away. I'd tried earlier in the week to convince them to come this way and we'd go to the beach or something, to no avail. They insisted we come to them. I understand it was probably the best idea, under all circumstances, but I was feeling a bit selfish with our time and didn't want to spend two and half hours of our busy weekend sitting in a car.
But we went. We definitely didn't want to make the same mistake we made last year in being "too busy" to see one another. The girls were thrilled to see their friends and we were very content to sit with our friends on their beautiful lanai, relaxing and just enjoying each other's company and the laughter that is so easy when we're together.
My favorite part was the hugs, quite honestly. I have spent nearly a year feeling guilty we didn't hug each other or spend time when we last had the opportunity - and that our friendship with one of them was nearly cut too short. It was good to be together and good to see our friend in one piece and more healthy than we could have hoped last January. For a guy who had his neck and back broken at the beginning of the year, he looked darn good.
We hope they'll get in touch with us and we'll be able to see them sooner than later when they visit their family in the northeast, but the great thing is they know we love them. And we shared a lot of laughs this afternoon, for which I am very grateful.
Good night and God bless you.
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