November 28, 2008
Day 28: More isn't always more
So, this morning, I did NOT get up early and head out to the stores in the mad dash for Christmas gifts. Though I find the whole experience to be fun, if crazy, there just wasn't anything that we wanted/needed that warranted heading into any crowds. This year, there really isn't much on our Christmas list, and we have no idea what the girls want (they don't really give us any idea what they'd like or what they want more of - they both may end up with books and one new toy). We have no interest in adding more things into our home.

Really, I think I'd like some free time to organize and use my craft room, which still is a disaster and boxes. I'd like to find an upholstered bench (even if it's something old that I can paint and recover) to occupy an empty wall in our living room. We need some more seating occasionally and a long-ish bench would be perfect. Husband needs some new shoes for work and maybe a suit or two. We are nothing if not absolutely practical.


27 posts so far for the month. hmmmm..... I certainly haven't accomplished what I wanted (increasing my creativity or improving my actual writing), but I suppose I gleaned something from this project. I have two more days and this year will be the first time I really feel like I completed the project to the best of my ability. I know. It's totally lame, since I haven't posted great things this month. But considering how I'm feeling and there have been days when I haven't had internet access, yet posted via my cellphone anyway.... I really feel like I at least made effort each day. Maybe I'll just commit in the future to 3-5 posts weekly and start to share more pictures. I'd still like to share some pictures of our lovely 90-year-old home, so maybe you'll get that in the next couple weeks. Then again, maybe not.
I've had a lovely Thanksgiving. We have spent time with many friends and while I've been dealt a great personal disappointment, our time with our family has been mostly wonderful. I thank God for my husband, our children and especially for my parents-in-law. I have a family that I never expected and certainly never believed I deserved. God has been exceptionally good to me.
Two more days. Do you think it's possible anyone enjoyed my third attempt at this project? Because really? More posts hasn't necessarily equalled more content on this blog. Yep, more definitely isn't always more in a good way.


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