November 22, 2008
Day 22: I'm pretty sure the last week I FLOPPED more than BLOPPED
So, I'm here, and you've seen a bit more than you bargained for of my mug this week. It seems sort of like a cop-out to post a little video (where's the sound? You're missing my late-night witticisms!) and a photo of myself, each with a solitary sentence.
As you figured out by one of the posts this week, I went to the doctor. I've been having some ahem issues and it happened to be good timing that I was able to go to the practice that has managed my care for the past 10+ years. I am disappointed this morning after a call from the doctor last night - her initial diagnosis was not correct as she received my lab results. So, really? We're no closer to an answer than a week ago. And that is really disappointing. I do go back on Wednesday and she'll approach my health from a different angle. So, we'll see. It's nothing terribly serious, so it's just a matter of figuring it out, which could take a while.
We're enjoying the time with our family here in the Sunshine State. Though, it'd be so much better if Husband were here with us. Also, it's slightly depressing to be with the 90 year old grandparents, I love them so, but it is so sad to see their decline.
I think I'll be going to a college football game tomorrow evening with some friends (he was my first friend when I moved to FL 13 years ago and his wife is fantastic as well). Another time I'll be missing Husband especially. Thursday evening can't come soon enough for me.
Eh, another boring post - I've actually typed out words and it is not much better than lame-o pictures of myself. Silly Sally says hi, blogworld!
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