December 10, 2007
Sorry about my absence
The girls and I are in Florida [husband returned to MD this morning after being with us for the weekend]. We've been enjoying the time with our family, particularly the great-grandparents.
As our plane was preparing to land in Tampa, I was excitedly pointing out the areas where my in-laws live, my mom, and we even flew directly over my cousin's neighborhood, which was pretty neat, even though I couldn't pick out her house among the trees. Sally asked why I was smiling so big and was surprised when I said "It's just good to be home." It really is good to be home.
I could use some prayers, though, as I'm having some weird and rather disturbing health issues. I happened to have an appointment already set for this afternoon, so I'm relieved to have a doctor checking me out this afternoon after the weirdness of the weekend. I'll let you know if there's anything to know, but let's just hope that I have an infection. I have a feeling, though, I'll need to see a specialist and I'm quite glad to have parental support during a time when I'm just feeling anxious. I haven't slept all weekend and it's really just making the whole thing worse, I suppose. Anyway.... Now that you're all worried... I might as well just say - I've had some bizarre bleeding and I initially thought it was "normal" stuff, but further observation shows it was probably from my bladder (kidney?). Due to the amount of blood, it could be quite a concern (or a really bad infection? which we are actually hoping for). [The other theory is that I've had another miscarriage that was oddly complete with no warning spotting, no afterward spotting... I have no reason to believe I was even pregnant - no evidence of ovulation in more than 2 years. But, my mother-in-law actually suggested that we might be relieved to find out that I was, in fact, pregnant. So, we'll see.] I'll keep you posted.
Signing off for now, after sharing more than I'd planned. I can't seem to make myself delete it all, though, since I find that very specific prayers sometimes make me feel much better. So, I'm asking, please pray for me.
Until later, God bless you.
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