November 27, 2007
Day 27: Pretty sure this isn't going so well
My house looks like boxes exploded everywhere. It is insane - Husband had 5 days off work and insisted that we decorate the house for Christmas, even though we're spending the holiday in Florida - and the girls and I will be there for a few weeks.
So, all weekend, he was off work. And can you guess when he brought the boxes upstairs? (Last year it was all me, since Husband was already living in a hotel up here and the girls and I were still in Georgia.) Yeah, he brought the boxes upstairs when I was on my way out the door Sunday afternoon. I was not annoyed. Oh, no, I was not. Okay, maybe a little... When I returned, the tree was up and mostly decorated and there were boxes and things strewn everywhere. I spent some time putting some things away and placing some items that we haven't seen in a few years due to all the moving and whatnot. And today is Tuesday. And there are still boxes sitting around, waiting for me to decide what I'm going to do with the contents.
I will have to take some pictures once everything is done and the boxes are cleaned up. I have broken out the paper, though, and have started a list. We are hosting a dinner party on Saturday, so things must be just so (I can't figure out exactly why we are this way - we want people to feel comfortable and welcome and that we made extra effort for them to enjoy themselves, I suppose). On my list so far?
+Finish decorating
+New window treatments in the living room (the ones I made in the spring look ridiculous for the holidays and winter season)
+New pillow covers for 10 pillows
+shop for dinner party, plus prepare main course
+rehang the towel bar in the powder room (after I patched the wall yesterday morning, since Bookworm decided to use the bar to steady herself while trying to jump into the pedestal sink a couple weeks ago)
+finish the laundry, including iron the napkins for the dinner
+string lights on the porch rails, plus replace bulb next to front door
+help girls make birthday gift for Friday afternoon's birthday party
+get directions and make arrangements for the sitter for Friday night, so we can enjoy a night out, courtesy of my sister-in-law and her husband
+oh, start getting ready for being away from home for 3 weeks - yeah, that.
I better hit publish - it is moments from midnight and I really need to be heading to bed. I watched last week's episode of Grey's tonight (did you know you can watch prime time shows online?) and ohmygoodness. I am totally freaking out. I can't wait til I have a moment next week to see this Thursday's episode!
Good night.
(by the way, you really only have to put up with my dribble for a few more days - well, actually, you don't have to put up with it at all. And seemingly, there are very few of you who are.)
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