November 18, 2007
Day 18: What a louse
I am referring to myself here. Um, let's see.... Rachael's birthday was what, the first week of September? Yeah, her gift is in a box, sitting right next to my desk - it has been buried under piles of, I don't know, stuff. We've got a wedding gift for a couple who were married on October 13 and I have a birthday gift for my brother, whose birthday was 13 days ago.
Also, I found $85 in checks (payable to US, for goodness sake!). Good gracious, I hope the doctor can help get my brain straightened out. I am completely exhausted and I haven't even finished cleaning off the desk.
This is why I should do it more frequently than every 4 months or so. And, no I don't think this is very interesting for anyone else to read, but I needed to vent about how stupid I've been lately.
On a positive note, I have personally earned $80 this week (hand-crafted jewelry orders), so I can go to IKEA tomorrow and happily buy what I've been wanting - a bookshelf and some new wine glasses. Woot!
(Of course, I can't go do those fun things until I go to the post office and bank....)
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