November 22, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving
Today, I am thankful for many blessings. We have a wonderful extended family, who love us very much - and we miss them all so! Our nuclear family is even better - we are blessed to really enjoy one another and rely on each other in a way that I think can only come when you are separated from the familiar over and over (one of the few advantages of moving all over the place in a short amount of time, I suppose). We have great friends in many states. God has certainly helped us to be happy in every location we've been called.
We had a good time last night and made some new friends during our pub crawl. Nobody was crawling by the end of the night and the highlight was definitely the place that had cheap beer and open mic and guitar night. It turns out one of our crew is a great blues guitarist, so it was fun sitting there while he played.
This morning, we went to mass with less than a dozen others in the chapel. We wonder why others don't think of this day of thanks as a "religious" holiday - is the thanks we offer not to the One Who has given all? This afternoon, we'll be heading to a hotel Thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of one of Husband's colleagues - I initially thought that wouldn't be so great, but the freedom not to spend the day in the kitchen (and the subsequent cleanup) makes me incredibly thankful. We are also considering taking the girls to see "Enchanted" today, a way to be "with" our siblings in California who are also flying solo this holiday.
I wish you and yours a blessed holiday weekend.
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