November 23, 2007
Black Friday
I did not directly participate in this crazy tradition this year. Something to do with everything being different this Thanksgiving? Maybe. The last 6 years, I have braved the chilly weather to get in line for deals on things that were on our gift-giving list - as well as buy some things that were just good deals, even though we definitely didn't need them.
I did, however, head to C0mp U.S.A. last night (can you believe they were open from 9-12?!) My plan was to get my mother-in-law's gift (a digital photo frame) and they happened to have a great price on an 8 inch frame. I was able to get one of the last two on the shelf and headed over to the audio section to pick up a couple other things. I mutilated the $50 budget Husband and I allotted for each other, by getting him something he really wanted, but doesn't think he'd get. He'll be disappointed he didn't get what he really wanted, though. The check-out lines stretched to the back of the store, so I was relieved the guy at the audio counter was willing to ring up my items. I was back home within 45 minutes.
This morning, I awoke to piano practicing, so Husband and I were both slightly grumpy (of course, last night I stayed up way too late, copying digital photos for the gift). I had a down day today, but after sleeping all afternoon, I made a Thanksgiving-esque supper with turkey, stuffing, squash, homemade applesauce... And now I'm ready for bed. ha! I actually have to get dressed and run out to purchase sneakers for Silly Sally who may or may not be playing her first soccer scrimmage tomorrow morning, depending on how well she's breathing. (Of course, she picked up a cold this week and now can't breathe - the day before her soccer debut.)
It's a good thing I've got a husband home for a few days to help take care of the kids. :) We do have lots of plans this weekend, so I'm hoping tomorrow will be a good day.
Another lame post. I'll try another day.
Bless you!
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