November 19, 2007
IKEA, shoppers beware
This place is absolutely scary. I mean, who wants to stroll around unhampered by little hands that want to touch everything (childcare - for FREE!)? Or have lunch for under $10 - that was for all three of us. Or find unbelievable prices on things that you absolutely don't need, but really really want?
Honestly, I had a fantastic day. Not the least because I got to go to the doctor alone (thanks, friend, for keeping the girls!) and then for spending the day with a friend. And did I mention the shopping? Fun, that was.
This evening, we had leftovers and then went to drop a couple hundred dollars at a warehouse store, buying Thanksgiving fixings for a family who needs a little help. It feels like too little, for us to bring some bags of food... but I can't think of how I can change that - at least not this week.
Tomorrow, my cleaning friend is coming over (I love my husband for allowing me this occasional luxury) and I will be at a friend's house baking cookies. Another fun day. And bonus, I will come home to a spotless house (I hope).
Another rambling post. Eh, maybe I'll have a new poem tomorrow.
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