July 24, 2007
Slumber Party: Faulty Terminology
5 girls.... lots of giggling, lots of chatting, pizza, a pillow fight, lots of squealing and screaming, an elaborate homemade tent on the deck, brownies, lots of giggling, fireworks! lots of squealing and screaming...
a movie and cuddling, bedtime prayers, kisses, blessings... more chatting, lots of giggling... NO SLUMBERING.
I've had to separate children, taking my own out of their own beds to avoid talking. I have a feeling if these girls don't go to sleep soon, I will be out of my mind tomorrow. I'm nearly out of it now. :) Tomorrow is a long day and it hasn't yet begun.
But, oh how I love summer days - and friends - and giggling girls. Remind me later how much I've enjoyed hearing these girls laugh this evening. Especially if I don't get any sleep tonight. ;)
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