July 18, 2007
Okay, I lied - again.
I never came back here before my vacation.... I haven't posted any further updates..... I have a few posts in the draft phase, but I haven't finished or published any of them...... But, I'm here. I've gotten emails and comments asking where I am and am I okay. We had a fantabulous vacation in the Outer Banks. We rented a house via Joe Lamb, actually two houses. It was absolutely wonderful.
We've been busy with summer things - going swimming with friends, barbecues, etc. and this week, the girls have VBS. I was really looking forward to some time alone (15 hours of daylight - in one week! all alone!), but am sorry to say that my little Bookworm has been ill. She has been more upset about missing two days of VBS than the fact that she has tossed her cookies no less than 22 times in 2 days, most of them during the wee hours before the sun has come up. She hasn't had much sleep the past two nights and last night I rebelled and told Husband that he needed to tend to her or I would be a useless lump today. He was wonderful and took care of her and they both migrated downstairs to the couches so Silly Sally and I could sleep.
The most wonderful thing about Bookworm being sick is how special she has felt each day when we've picked up her sister from the church/school. Yesterday, one of Bookworm's VBS classmates colored her a picture and made a get well greeting out of it. Today, the kids in her class made her craft for her (a prayer bear, along with it's buddy bear that will be sent to an orphanage in Tanzania). She knew the arts & crafts teacher was setting aside the bears for her to complete when she was well, but was touched that her class wanted to make the bears for her. Her response: "I can't believe how generous my class is! First the get well picture from so-and-so and today, the bear!" Her sister responded "You must be the best student in the class for them to care so much!"
We're great. Really great. The girls are staying the night with friends on Friday and Husband and I are taking a drive
here to see these guys! I have no idea what kind of seats we have, but we can't wait!
I have taken a break from my cleaning of the "school room" to put up this (not so) brief post, so I better get back to work.
Until next time, God Bless You!
By the way, I'm down about 25 pounds so far. Yippee!
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