November 30, 2006
Day 30: Coat Shopping
It is finally day 30 of the National Blog Posting Month. I've actually done it, in spite of being in Florida, using dial-up for over a week and spending a few days at a hotel with spotty internet.
If my comments from the last couple weeks are any indication, I've bored everyone to death and you've all passed into the abyss of the internets. Which means I'm typing into this window, and no eyes other than my own will see these words. Ah, oh well.
This past month, until the last week, I've been forced to think about writing a bit more. While I have failed miserably at churning out anything thoughtful or witty, I feel like I really accomplished something I didn't think I could by posting each day of an entire month. I realize that if I ever want to be serious about writing, I have to have ideas before I sit at the keyboard. I must have some time where I can clear my mind and not have distractions... I'm a long way away from writing seriously, but that is okay. It's not really something I aspire to these days anyway.
Today, though, I embark on the exciting mission of shopping for winter coats. I have never purchased a winter coat, unless you count trying on one or two when my parents bought them for me when I was a kid. I don't quite know where to start. I don't know what price range to look in or what type of coat my children will need. As for myself, I am just as clueless, though I know I'd like something that looks good, but is functional in cold weather. Wish me luck.
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