November 26, 2006
49 Things About My Mom
1. She is the middle child.
2. She has a big brother and a little sister.
3. She works hard.
4. She calls my daughters, "my girls".
5. She once let someone believe that her granddaughter was her own baby.
6. She was a "baby" when I was born.
7. She and my Dad had no idea what they were doing.
8. But they tried their best.
9. She has had a lot of bad stuff happen in her life.
10. She's still going, though.
11. I'm proud of her.
12. When I was a kid, she had a "plant room" in our house.
13. She had the greenest thumb of anyone I've ever known.
14. She used to make the best Christmas cookies.
15. I remember she used to give them to everyone as gifts.
16. She used to give me quarters to play pinball at the deli where she worked.
17. I was there a lot - and got really good at pinball.
18. She used to take me to see bands at fairs.
19. I think she had a thing for guys in bands.
20. We used to go camping.
21. And boating.
22. She loves to go fishing.
23. I learned to love it too.
24. She's a fantastic cook.
25. One of the best I know.
26. I miss her - we live so far away.
27. She has two dachshunds.
28. She calls them "baby" and claims they are my brothers.
29. She's a little bit crazy.
30. She makes everyone laugh.
31. She's kind of a goofball.
32. I thought of her the other day when I was dancing to the muzak in the Dollar Tree.
33. She spoils me and my family - Husband calls her Santa.
34. I loved helping her clean the house when I was a kid - we'd sing along with a record and dance around.
35. I even started doing it with my own daughters.
36. We can't wait for her to come visit.
37. And spend Christmas with us.
38. She had a heart attack 4 years ago.
39. I was terrified as we drove home early from vacation.
40. I painted her toenails when she was in the hospital.
41. It was probably the only time I've ever touched her feet.
42. She has Popeye knees.
43. My grandpa used to make fun of her skinny legs.
44. Even though his were pretty much identical, only hairy.
45. She adored him anyway.
46. She recently began taking care of her aunt with Alzheimer's on the weekends.
47. I'm proud of her for helping, even though she doesn't have to.
48. Today is her birthday!
49. She probably tells people she's 43. [which would have made her 12 when I was born, which she wasn't]
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