November 27, 2006
Poor Baby
The past few days have been odd for my littlest one. On Thanksgiving Day, she complained that her eye was hurting and she didn't eat much. As a matter of fact, even the lure of dessert did not change her appetite. While our family gathered round the table to break bread and feast together, Silly Sally chose to lay on the couch in the next room. She and her sister went across the street to get some m0trin (bad mommy, I didn't pack any), and after she had some, she perked up a little.
Friday, she apparently woke with a headache, so more m0trin. When she woke me Saturday morning early, clutching her head and crying, I knew I needed to take her to a doctor. Even though she was burning up early in the morning, the doctor determined the fever was a fluke and the headache was likely a migraine. The strep test came back negative and we are waiting for the lab confirmation. Until then, we are just monitoring her temperature and thankfully, she didn't have a headache today (well, that is, not until she banged her head on the coffee table).
So, we're crossing our fingers in the hopes that we will head to Orlando as planned and play tourist. We're looking forward to some time checking out the holiday displays in some of the Disney hotels and we hope to see some friends of ours, but understand that the wife may not be up for a visit [she had a miscarriage yesterday at just over 12 weeks - it was a rough day and I haven't talked to them today, so I'm just praying that she is not blaming herself].
Sorry this is not terribly exciting - I'm burnt out and I just need a break.
Day 27.
Three more to go.
I can do it.
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