November 22, 2006
When it Rains, It Pours
Last weekend, I received a birthday card in the mail from my grandma in Ohio. Funny thing is, my birthday is in September and she mailed the card just a couple days after my birthday. I realized I'd been remiss in keeping in good touch with some people and my grandma didn't even know that we'd moved to Georgia.
It turns out she had good reason for sending my card a couple days late - she was diagnosed in August with cancer. She's been on a rollercoaster of doctor appointments and they can't remove the cancer until her blood pressure comes down -and well, nothing is helping with that. So, the cancer remains - and keeps growing. It's quite a quagmire and I'm very worried for her. I don't think she feels it's time to go, she's still pretty young in her 70s. Papa died last year. I hope I'll be permitted to be part of the family again....
In the evening, the phone rang at my IL's (where we're staying in FL) and Husband's grandmother in Baltimore is back in the hospital. She broke her hip a couple weeks ago and she was in a rehab facility. Yesterday, something alerted them to an issue and they put a tube through her nose and into her stomach, discovering her stomach was full of blood. They found a mass the size of a grapefruit and waited overnight for test results. The news this morning is grim: They want to remove her colon, oh, and by the way, her kidneys are also failing, so she should go on dialysis. The kids all agree that it's time to let her go and be with her husband, who passed just a few short months ago. Later this morning, another call: the doctors don't expect her to live til the weekend.
And my father-in-law has an appointment next week to have a defibrillator implanted in his heart. And he does not want to miss his mother's funeral, so he's talking about postponing his own procedure.
To say my family is stressed out at this time is an understatement. But we are together. And we know that God will work it all out.
The message in all of this? There is never enough time.
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