November 21, 2006
Baltimore, Here We Come!
It's official and I'm having a mini-meltdown. I do not want to move, yet there is no other appealing choice. Urgh.
I'm trying to remember all the positive things I came up with when we were going to be moving to Baltimore back in the spring. I'm really trying to have a positive attitude about this, but I'm finding that all I want to do is throw a temper tantrum. It's absolutely ridiculous. I don't know if I've ever in my life thrown a temper tantrum.
I don't want to live where it's cold half the year, I don't want to live where snow sticks to the ground. I am not crazy about the idea of living in an area with ridiculously high crime. Not to mention the distance to our parents and grandparents in Florida. Oh, and the fact that we just moved, less than 5 months ago.
But there are good things too. Obviously, in such a big city, there is a lot to do. Plus, a huge bonus is that Husband has a number of extended family members in the outlying areas. His Dad grew up there and his brother and a sister are still there, along with his ailing mother and a few cousins. We'll be a short distance from DC, which means incredible museums just a train ride away. History, culture. Different than what you can get in rural Georgia - or even west-central Florida.
But the snow. Wow. I'm so not looking forward to that. People think I should be fine with it, since I grew up in Northeastern Ohio. But, people, as soon as I was old enough to get the hell out, I did - and out from under snow, no less, since I moved in December to the Sunshine State.
Got any pointers for this thin-blooded Florida girl?
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